About Earthtrack

For over a decade Earthtrack Group have been established as one of Australia’s leading suppliers of specialist LED lighting and solar solutions for mine sites, industrial, government and commercial applications.

With a focus on ecological and economical solutions, and a greater demand for solar powered and LED lighting technology, Earthtrack provides solutions that are reliable. versatile and easy to setup on site requiring little ongoing maintenance.

Earthtrack have lighting solutions for civil, remote mining and accommodation sites, industrial warehouses through to public spaces. In 2021 they added several services to their product offerings, including annual maintenance schemes.

The technical lighting and solar expertise of Earthtrack set them apart from their competitors, as they work with each individual clients and sites needs to find the best solutions to ensure safety, productivity and Australian Standard compliance.

Earthtrack’s signature solar towers are manufactured in Australia, carry the licensed Aussie Made logo and have ISO 9001 quality assurance.


Solar Mega Tower in a mine site