Aiming for Zero - zero harm, zero loss and zero waste

Tuesday, 4 February, 2020

A recent article by Accenture highlighted the benefits of aiming for a Triple Zero approach to protecting people, achieving value chain optimisation and a more sustainable future, which are all areas Earthtrack have been focused on building into our product and service offering. This article explores how we do this.



Triple Zero* is a concept that aims for zero harm, zero loss and zero waste is behind many decisions by business leaders in companies both large and small.  It also represents the selection of products that make up the Earthlight, Earthsolar and Earthaccess suite of products, and how they help customers achieve these outcomes. Aiming zero 

Zero harm

Aiming Zero Harm - Saftey, Healthy and well being of the people that work for us.

Safety, health and wellbeing of the people that work for us or use public spaces has to be a top priority.  Inadequate lighting has been found to be one of the top 3 causes of injuries in the workplace, according to Worksafe WA. 

Where heavy machinery is operating, the presence of the right level of lighting, that is consistent and uniform is going to also help productivity and ensure everyone gets home from their shift safely.  Even where investment is made in new lighting, glare and light spill are important considerations too - too much of a good thing can be worse than not enough.

From a public space perspective, a recent report on public parks and gardens in Perth, WA found that most had very poor lighting, which puts members of the public at risk and reduces the ambiance of a city at night.  If we want a vibrant city, improving lighting is one sure way to achieve both zero harm and a more attractive city for tourists and locals to visit.

Zero loss

Accenture's analysis has shown just a 1-2% increase in overall equipment efficiency could result in billion-dollar gains in a single operation.

New technology means that even in very remote areas, sensors or apps linked to weather satellite pictures can set off alarms to warn of impending cyclones or dangerous weather conditions as soon as identified, vastly improving safety on site without any need or delay from waiting for human intervention.  The use of solar systems to power them means you can ensure these systems operate continuously without the need for expensive cabling or trenching.

Sensors that switch on and off lighting towers automatically rather than requiring a team to drive around and physically prime, turn on/off and top up diesel tanks is another clear benefit of advances in technology.

Think about what else that maintenance team could do with that time every shift if not completing this mundane chore.  Lighting plant can be monitored on a smartphone or tablet from head office as a simple app.

Zero waste 

Rio Tinto now has 71% of its electricity consumption from renewable resources globally and has ambitious goals of reaching 100%.  BHP is investing $500 million in renewable projects.  There is real progress toward reducing emissions and making renewable energy work for driving big business, as the realities of climate change are gaining greater exposure.

Even just changing to motion sensor lighting that switches on when a room is accessed or left will avoid wasteful energy use.


Earthtrack has been developing solar systems for lighting and other applications, and are preferred suppliers to many of Australia's largest miners for this technology.  New LED technology is offering continuous advancements in lighting output, performance and battery technology for greater reliability.  

Earthtrack has solutions that can assist your business achieve your own Triple Zero audit, with the use of low energy use LED fixed lighting, solar lighting towers and hybrid options that are extremely fuel efficient.  All our products incorporate leading technology and controllers that will save you time and money.  Ask us for a lighting design to help plan your project or upgrade so you know exactly what you need.

(*Reference: Article by Ann Burns, Accenture, "Calling for Triple Zero - a framework to achieve zero harm, zero loss and zero waste", National Mining Chronicle magazine, November 2019).