Elion Series – Power + Safety

28 April, 2022

The Elion series of solar solutions is designed for a safer and more energy efficient work site.

With safety the hot topic of 2022 we take a look at two of our latest products, the Elion Pole and Elion Hub that have been developed to incorporate several safety features to reduce the threat of injury on site.

The Elion Pole

Elion™ Solar Street Light Tower is our new generation in powerful street lights with zero carbon emissions and renewable energy powered for maximum environmental benefits. Made in Australia and designed to withstand Australia’s harsh remote conditions.

The Elion offers a safer, less expensive and easier installation that does not require trenching or access to a fixed power source. As the Elion Pole doesn’t require hard wiring, it removes the need for a full site shutdown with only a small, cleared area necessary for the tower installation.

There are two options for installation – in ground or secured to a concrete base (for easy moving and repositioning).

The Elion Tower is optimised with several safety features, from the pole design through to heat dissipation, each component has been developed to lessen risk of accidents and to increase performance. These features include:


The unique CNC bushing connector top on the Elion Pole works in conjunction with the 3 secured solar panel frame to safe guard against movement or tipping  of the solar panel.


The break back pole has a safety chain for safer maintenance and installation (no working from heights needed). 

Incorporated into the pole is a pole cradle that has been added so the pole when lowered stops at a safe angle to avoid crushing injuries.


Dual safety key access protects against vandalism and limits acces to wiring.


The Elion Pole features an IP54 rated power storage box secured to the pole that houses the solar controller and batteries. With most electrics pole mounted, it provides easier and safer access for maintenance and parts replacement.

The box itself is well ventilated and includes vent covers to reduce dust, without sacrificing good heat dissipation (the raised box also eliminates the issue of a concrete base block getting overheated).


The Rockwinch Autobrake Winch guards against rope slippage (using synthetic rope to avoid wear, with an autobrake function, a detachable handle to protect against misuse and a safety plastic moulded cover).


Further safety options include:

  • A slip based pole to reduce impact in the case of a vehicle collision.
  • Optional handrails secured to the concrete block version for safer work access for maintenance and installation.
  • Optional fan for optimal air flow within the power box.

The Elion Hub

A year in development, the Elion Hub provides a great off-grid power storage solution that can be used in sheds, dome shelters, containers or other buildings that require a non-mains electrical option. Packed with safety features the Elion Hub is made to bring light to harshest and most remote environments.

Check out some of the added safeguards…



Super tough IP67 rated cabinet to protect against extreme temperatures.


Forklift sleeves or lifting points to avoid damage or accidents in installation.


Dual safety key access protects against vandalism and limits acces to wiring.


Ventilation points for better heat dissipation.


Weather proof switches to protect against elements.



RCBO circuit breaker which enables for the rapid disconnection of electricity, thereby avoiding prolonged and potentially serious shocks, from earthing faults, overload, or short circuiting


Clear labelling and instruction manuals to avoid incorrect use


Dual safety key access protect against vandalism

The Elion Hub range has been unleashed with the T1 models available and additional models being available soon.

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