Why Choose Solar Lighting?

Thursday, 9 July, 2020

The Top 10 common questions answered when considering Solar lighting as part of your landscape design.

Solar lighting is a great option to improve any landscape design.  

The decision to upgrade outdoor lighting generally involves more than just the need for it to look good and provide adequate illumination.  Here is our top 10 common questions answered:

1) Are they reliable?

A: You generally get what you pay for. If you want it to last you need to consider the features on offer.

Look for MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) and smart controllers that automatically tracks the maximum power point according to the weather variation and rainy day backup.  This system automatically identifies day/night for switching on and off automatically, has different dimming levels, motion detection, and different modes (ie. 30% bright, with 100% bright once motion is detected).  

Check the warranty provided and deal with solar specialists instead of big box retailers that are more price than feature-driven.

2) I have an aesthetic I want to achieve, is this possible?

A: There are now a wide range of design options, including plaza or pole top designs and bollard styles so you can fit these lights with any landscaped plan.  If you are looking for edgy 'filament' globe styles, traditional 'lantern' styles or just a 360 degree diffused light, there are many styles from traditional through to contemporary or industrial.  

3) Will solar lighting help my site be safer at night?

A: Solar lighting can be applied to provide more consistent and brighter illumination at night, if you are concerned about public safety or to deter crime.  This is where reliability of a commercial option is recommended so you can rely on it working as it should.

Because there is no need to run electricity over a broad area, you can literally place lighting wherever you need it.  For perimeter lighting, service roads or throughout a carpark or throughout a garden pathway, this additional security lighting can be installed easily.  The better illumination will also help capture CCTV footage too.

4) How environmentally-friendly is solar?

A: Unsurprisingly, there is no greener option than a completely solar lighting solution that is driven by renewable energy. The long lifespan of LED lighting also means less lamps going into landfill.

Battery technology is Lithium LIFEPO4, the eco-friendly and safe option that improves the cyclic charge and discharge over 2000 times an has a life span of more than 10 years.  It has no risk of explosion and can withstand extreme temperatures from minus 10 to 75 degrees.

5) Will solar lighting stand up to rough treatment?

A: Look for impact or vandal-proof options for public spaces - generally IK08 or above.  There are some IK10+ options available that are vehicle impact proof, ensuring public safety even more.

All are made to withstand IP66 for water and dust resistance.  

6) Are good solar options expensive:

A) When you factor in the ease of installation (no trenching or cabling) and no electricity costs, your return on investment is significantly shorter, even if the initial investment is slightly higher. 

Also consider the ability to move lighting around your site with ease and out to very remote areas, as you don't need to re-cable or have access to electricity to operate.

7) Ease of installation - do I need to be an expert?

There are some solar lights available in an all-in-one format, meaning battery storage, PV panels and luminaires are all contained within the one unit.  This makes installation a breeze, with no need for trenching, cabling or wiring.  There are also no external parts that may make the unit vulnerable or present a hazard in public spaces.

Many fittings include adjustable brackets and panels that can be tilted and orientated to maximise exposure to the sun for maximum charging.

Being a low-voltage option, there is minimal risk of electric shock with these systems.

8) How versatile are they for different surfaces?

Some of our Solar Pro models can be wall-mounted to provide another point of interest to the landscape lighting design.

9) I need to plug in to Smart City infrastructure?

Our Solar Pro range can be supplied with NEMA sockets to plug into existing Smart City infrastructure that is implemented by many local government areas in Australia.

The advantage we offer is a discrete placement of the socket to achieve the result without detracting from the look of the light fitting.  Talk to Earthtrack about specific fittings to suit this requirement.

10) What colour options are available?

Many of the Solar Pro range are available in Black and Grey (silver).

There are also colour change (RGB) options too for eye-catching lighting effects.


If you would like more information about the Earthsolar range or to request a sample lighting design to suit your site, please contact our sales team on sales@etms.com.au or call 1300 410 485.