New Earthlight Explosion-proof range

Friday, 10 April, 2020

Earthlight has a NEW range of Explosion-proof lighting to cater for heavy duty site requirements, including extreme weather, high temperature (including steam), high impact or vibration, confined spaces, hazardous materials, gases, dusts and chemicals. This range is ideal for underground mining, oil and gas and heavy industrial sites that need reliable lighting in challenging environments.

Adequate, consistent lighting is a major health and safety issue, coming in at number 3 in the top 10 causes of workplace injuries and accidents.

If your site deals with high temperature, high vibration or impact-prone areas such as conveyors, confined spaces, food or medical areas requiring use of steam or high pressure cleaners, hazardous gases, dusts or chemicals, finding lighting products that can withstand these conditions can be challenging.

Even more important, is that the lighting is reliable, consistent, built to last and fit-for-purpose.  Adding features such as solar power, smart controls, motion detection and emergency battery backup adds to the ability to reduce energy costs onsite and maintain safety at all times.

Named after famous ships, which were built for the toughest conditions, the Earthlight Explosion-proof range covers highbays (both UFO and linear), flood/area lights, batten lights, work lights, emergency lights, as well as portable worklamps and torches.

Some features across the range:

- Certifications and ratings provided to suit specific site applications (including Explosive atmosphere and dust zones)

- shock, vibration and anti-glare lens and covers

- high efficiency LED drivers suitable for harsh conditions

- high strength aluminium alloy enclosures that can endure up to 20J impact

- Robust construction suitable for saltwater and corrosive applications

- Heavy duty steel mounting brackets that are adjustable

- Separation of terminal for additional safety

- Excellent heat dissipation performance

- Safety cable loop as an additional precaution

- Five year warranty

The best options for your site

This range definitely is not a one-size-fits-all approach to product selection.  There are many different classes, ratings and zones that need to be factored in to selecting the best options that are fit-for-purpose.

Earthtrack have the expertise to assist you with product selection, lighting designs and we are happy to do site visits, to help you identify the best products.

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