Earthtrack Take Charge

28 April, 2022

Mental health plays a big part in creating a healthy work place.

No one thinks twice that a physical injury such as a broken leg needs medical attention, so why then do we not give the same importance to our mental health.

Statistics show that 1 in 5 people may be suffering from mental health issues such as anxiety or depression.  This means it is likely someone in your family, friend or work group may be struggling, so its important to know how to recognise the symptoms and know how to help.

Earthtrack decided to Take Charge with all staff attending workshops to help identify and overcome anxiety and depression, feel better, sleep better, handle stress and take charge of our lives with a plan of action through goal setting.  We even learnt to meditate and be mindful to help reduce stress and stay in the present moment.  By taking control of our own mental health, we can enjoy life more and bring the best versions of ourselves at work, with our families and friends.

Earthtrack recognises the importance of wellness and mental health and now have three certified Mental Health First Aiders.  When asked why they wanted to do this training, Cat Hendry, our Customer Service Coordinator said “It has helped me to better give empathy to others in need and to steer people in right direction as to where to get help if they need it”.  

Ariel Lam, our office administrator said “it really helped to provide a structured framework for helping people and gave me more confidence when having those difficult discussions.”

Wendy Jeffery, who looks after HR said “I wanted to be able to identify and support staff better by understanding how mental illness may be playing a part in performance issues.  Outside of work too, it will help me be a better mum, wife, friend and neighbour”.  After doing this First Aid course, it inspired Wendy to bring the Take Charge course to the rest of the team as an in-house session to promote wellbeing in the team.

Thanks to Darren Peterson our esteemed workshop presenter of the Take Charge course, which he developed through his own experiences as a FIFO minesite worker. If you are interested in more information about the course go to For more information on the Mental Health First Aid Certification go to

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