CBH Esperance

The Adventure ended with a slightly too small propeller plane, serviced towers and a satisfied customer.

Just last week saw Patrick and Wei Jing travel to the southern coastline of WA to check and service several Earthtrack solar towers at CBH’s Esperance site. CBH have both Earthsolar™ Maxi Towers and Earthsolar™ Mega Towers onsite to light up their grain storage and handing site (that’s over 11K of lumens!). These were supplied to CBH through our client CES Midland.

The trip started with the Earthtrack duo flying on a little too small for comfort propeller plane in what became wet and windy conditions. They arrived in Esperance being greeted by more rain and were supplied with their vehicle for the next two days – a little red Toyota Yaris. 

Over the next 2 days they worked on the 6 70W Earthsolar™ Maxi Towers and 6 200W Earthsolar™ Mega Towers onsite, auditing the machines, checking light output, performance and replacing any parts needed to ensure they were all working optimally. 

With the job completed and both satisfied client and end user it was time for the boys to say goodbye to the Yaris, and head back home once again in a slightly too small propeller plane in slightly too wet conditions.

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