Collie Hockey Ground Lighting Upgrade

Earthtrack was approached by The Coalfields Hockey Council to upgrade the lighting for Collie Hockey Ground. The existing lighting on the grounds were old HID fittings which were not delivering consistent lighting across the field and were expensive to run for night training and games.

Earthtrack provided guidance and a comprehensive lighting design to help achieve the improvements in lighting consistency, or lux levels, across the entire playing field that were needed.

Our team worked closely with Coalfields Hockey Council to deliver the fittings and poles to site to meet project delivery schedules, and to advise the electrical team on any installation needs.

The Product

Orion G2 Sports and Area Flood Light


The fitting used is the Orion G2 Series – Product page, for its control of obtrusive effects of outdoor lighting and high performance output. Although it is brighter light than the previous HID fittings, the advanced design of the Orion Flood Light means that player and spectator visual comfort is improved, as light is directed to where needed without unnecessary back spills or glare.

The Results

The change to LED fittings has given the fields more consistent lighting, as well as greater control over the intensity of light – allowing dimming of luminaires for training or non-game events, which further contributes to energy cost savings. LED also has the advantage of full bright when turned on, so there is no downtime waiting for lights to warm up. The natural white light tone gives a clearer light than the previous yellowing tones that are common to older fittings.

Budget-wise, the longevity of the luminaires and the streamlined dirt resistant light casings mean less maintenance costs for the future.

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