Kalbarri Shoreline

Earthtrack lit up the Kalbarri foreshore in a project for The City of Northampton, working with our client CES Midland who presented the initial idea.

The project required lighting for over a kilometre of shoreline pathways in the town centre along Grey Street to increase lighting and safety of the area. Earthtrack provided initial guidance on product & spacing to make sure the pathway had even lighting without sections of poor visibility.

The choice of using solar bollards meant there was no need for any trenching or cabling, saving great expense not only in the construction of the project but also in the running costs. The product used was the Solar Pro Bollard in silver, chosen for it’s compact and sleek design and great features like automatic day/ night detection and smart backup technology.

The result was not only aesthetically pleasing but it increased safety and usability of the area immensely. When Cyclone Seroja went through it tested the strength and endurance of the SOLAR PRO BOLLARDS used — everyone of them were left intact with no damage whatsoever and are still working perfectly!

All photography used provided by CES Midland. 

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