Moora Speedway

Moora Speedway located 2 hours north of Perth needed a lighting update in accordance with the current speedway safety specifications.

The Safety Guidelines

The West Australia Speedway Commission safety guidelines require racetracks to have between 100-200 lux at any point on the track. Some of the other specific requirements requested by the Speedway was that there be no shadows cast on the track, so uniformity in the design and installation was the key.

The fixtures that were chosen for this project were the Antares 1200W great optics for the existing low-height poles. It also is an asymmetrical fitting, meaning it throws the light forward and illuminates the track while reducing light spill on spectators. Antares also has fantastic glare control, which means that drivers won’t be affected by the light shining directly in their eyes, instead only lighting the track. The Antares 1200W also comes with a 10-year warranty, meaning it was a worthwhile investment for a community and club.

The Result

The drivers and spectators are especially happy with the results commenting that they can now see the far side of the track. The Treasurer of the Moora Speedway Club was delighted with the all the service support before, during and after the installation process.


Allied Pumps – Canning Vale upgraded their warehouse with 150W Saturn Series UFO LED High bay Lights.

Each light illuminates 19,500 lumens power which is equivalent to 400W metal halide New lamp. However poor life of metal halide lamps decreases lumens power quickly. A couple of months later Metal Halides drain the power same as the first day but illuminate just not what it supposed. On the other hand, Earthlight Saturn LED Saturn Series illuminate its optimal level for the entire life time and consume less than half what MH light consume. 

One of the Directors commented

“We got most of our warehouse area lights installed, they look very impressive.” 

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