Tom Price Visitor Centre

The Tom Price Visitors Centre is a new addition to the community built by RMF Fabrication in Maddington. Earthtrack worked with Byblos Construction to integrate a solar power solution for the centre, that was effective, efficient and non-invasive (silent, clean, invisible).

Featured in the design is a battery box hidden underneath the wooden seat which houses the batteries and control gear to store the energy fed from the solar panels mounted on top the roof of the structure. The system powers the down lights and flood lights within the main structure and will in future also power some strip lighting which illuminates the perforated artwork on the rear of the structure.

 2 x 150Ah Earthtrack AGM Batteries were used to give 300 A/H of battery power, ensuring the system will run well even during the winter months.

The MPPT controller will automatically turn on the lights at dusk and off at dawn as it determines when it is dark/ light.


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