Elion has arrived

New lithium battery technology will be available soon in our EarthSolar MEGA and MAXI towers. Read about the benefits of the new ELION series lithium battery technology and why now is the time to consider swapping to this new technology.

Longer life

Elion batteries from Earthtrack will offer 3 year warranties with a life expectancy of 5-7 years, as opposed to 2-3 years from a AGM battery. This will significantly reduce site maintenance and potential safety hazards from handling battery changeover as it happens far less often.

Living lighter

When batteries do need replacing, the new lithium battery weighs around 17kg vs 39.2kg for an equivalent AGM battery. So in addition to handling less often, it is a simple changeover when replacements are needed, making safety compliance a breeze.

Autonomy is king

Lithium offers greater autonomy at a wider operating temperature of 65-80 degrees Celcius (opposed to 25-40 degrees Celcius for AGM), and gives a maximum discharge of 80% for 5000 cycles. This means your lights will be powered longer even through consecutive cloudy days, through winter months or if dust accumulates. It also makes this technology better suited to higher temperature, harsher environments.

Faster charging

When the sun shines, your batteries will charge back up about 50% faster than the AGM battery so they are ready to go when you need them.

Safer design

The Elion lithium battery has a fire retardant casing, making it a safer option.

Retro moves

What is involved in switching your batteries to lithium? The great news is it’s a simple plug and play change over. No new drivers or controllers are involved, although there may be some minor setting changes that might be needed to ensure you are getting the full performance.

Where can I get more information

The new specification sheet is available here and our sales team can assist with enquiries. If you would like to book in a site battery changeover and reset of controllers, we can arrange a team to assist.

Call today: 1300 410 485

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