Innovative Solar Street Lighting from EarthSolar

Solar street lighting is the ultimate in environmentally-friendly and low cost lighting for increased safety and security at night.  Day / night sensors allow automatic switch on and off, and advanced battery storage gives lights enough power even after a few rainy or cloudy days. 

Earthtrack have just released three new products as part of their Earthsolar street lighting range.

Solar street lighting has come a long way with new compact solutions that are easy to install, including Vertical wrap around solar panels, that captures sunlight with a 360° range. 

Another advantage of the more compact design is the vastly reduced wind-sail area and improved aesthetics, so panels are almost unnoticeable and protected from wind damage. 

The vertical panel kit is able to be installed on any compatible pole or can be purchased as a complete unit including pole. Both 15W and 30W options are available.  No trenching, cabling or electricity required.

The Eco Solar Street Light range is a compact all-in-one, economical solution for lighting carparks, gardens, courtyards, parking lots, perimeter security, rural roadways or paths.

This model features is easy to install, with battery and controls all neatly housed in the luminaire casing.  It features daylight sensor, so the unit switches on and off automatically.  It also has time settings and infra-red controls.  Ideal install height between 4 to 8 metres, provides flexibility.

Even after 5-7 rainy days, the battery storage will keep the light powered.  Water and dust resistant to IP65, this unit is impact-resistant and replacement parts are readily available.

Available in both 2400 and 4800 Lumen options, provides bright, reliable lighting for improved safety, security and night productivity.

The New EarthSolar PRO Street Lights is a smart and unique design, together with the best components available on the market.  Using LIFEPO4 Battery, MPPT controller and made from aluminium makes it the most powerful and reliable solution.

To cater for different requirements, it is available in a range of wattages – from 30W to 100W options, with powerful output of up to 15,000 lumens. Installation is easy – it is just a matter of inserting onto pole, orientating and tilting the PV panel for maximum efficiency.

Philips Luxeon LED Chips power these premium solar street light options. 

New Lithium battery technology offers improved cyclic charge and discharge reliability with even the economy option working for 4 rainy days off one charge at full charge.   

Built tough, these options are designed to stand up to impacts and are waterproof to IP66.  They are also made for the harsh Australian climate, withstanding temperatures from -20°C to +65°C. 

The Street Pro offers built-in intelligent management systems to make sure there are no blackouts, with the ability to auto detect day/night, 4 levels of dimming and sensors.  The microwave motion sensor offers 360 degree coverage, up to 8m distance, and is invisible and integrated to the luminaire housing.



To help our customers find a solution that meets their needs, Earthtrack street solutions offer a range of options – from budget-friendly to premium, feature-rich solutions.  Our focus is on always delivering value-for-money LED solutions.  We have solar and fixed lighting solutions to suit all industrial, commercial and residential applications.

For more information on this new range, contact [email protected] or on 1300 410 485 to find out more about how these new products can deliver far greater environmental and energy-saving benefits beyond their good looks. 

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