NEW Sports Lighting that Sets the Standard

Earthtrack Sports Lighting is a specialised range of premium LED lighting designed specifically for sports-field, stadium and area lighting applications, which will be launched at the IPWEA WA Conference in Fremantle, March 14th & 15th 2019.

With both symmetrical and true asymmetrical options, light can be directed to illuminate large areas with brilliant control of unwanted spill light, upward waste light and glare in adherence with Australian Standards.

Players benefit from enhanced, uniform lighting of the field; spectators don’t miss the action from the stands; and operations staff appreciate the controllability, reduced maintenance and lower running costs.  LED luminaires are really the only choice for environmentally, neighbour-friendly lighting for night sports events.

Consider your lighting design incorporating EarthLight Sports Lighting for your facility, and experience the difference.

Starting with the Antares Sports, the asymmetrical 1450W high powered flood light is ideal for class I, II and II sports complexes, for large stadium and sports-field events, as well as airports and marine ports.  This new product complies with AS2560 sporting standards for Glare Control, and AS4282 to Level 1 Spill Control.  Advanced technology programmable and DALI dimmable drivers manage output for longer life-spans and mode scenes.

The high powered Antares Symmetrical is another powerful option that is available in a range of sizes, for maximum design control.

The Rigel series offers a powerful, wide range of flood lights with considerable flexibility, making them perfect for smaller court sports such as netball, tennis, basketball courts; lawn bowls, croquet greens; and public open spaces and carparks.

Powerful mixed use area lighting and façade lighting with a range of wattage options to suit the design objectives and create outstanding effects.

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