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LED Flood Lights


Architectural lighting can add mood and ambience to any landscaped area. The use of pathway and bollard lighting will also help with wayfinding and improve the safety and security of these areas at night.Our range includes bollards, post top wall and general area lights that are perfect for your next project.
Flood lights are traditionally used to light large areas, such as sports fields and stadiums. However, they can also be used to light areas including parks and car parks; smaller work models can even be used on building exteriors for added security and safety.Our Earthlight range of LED flood lights has options for a wide range of applications, from lighting smaller workshop areas to the largest of sports fields.
Street lighting is an ideal energy-efficient solution, offering bright lighting for safety and visibility. Earthtrack offers a range of innovative options, including vertical or all-in-one systems, for design aesthetics and performance.