LED Flood Lights

Flood lights are traditionally used to light large areas, such as sports fields and stadiums. However, they can also be used to light areas including parks and car parks; smaller work models can even be used on building exteriors for added security and safety.

Our Earthlight range of LED flood lights has options for a wide range of applications, from lighting smaller workshop areas to the largest of sports fields.

Trusted Flood Lights Manufacturer

When it comes to industrial flood lights, safety is particularly important. You want to ensure you are buying products from a trusted LED flood lights supplier. Earthtrack have extensive experience with industrial LED flood lights. We understand site conditions, complete extensive product testing, and hold industry-leading warranties.

With both symmetrical and asymmetrical options, our LED flood work lights can be directed where they are needed without unwanted spill. Of course, they also adhere to Australian lighting standards.

Buy LED Flood Flights in Australia Online

As a trusted flood lights manufacturer, Earthtrack offer LED flood lights that you can rely on. When you buy our flood work lights, you are getting a quality lighting solution. We have two locations in Western Australia, Perth and Karratha, as well as one in the Northern Territory. Contact us now on 1300 410 485 or see our LED flood lights online below.