MAXI Series | Solar Light Tower

The Earthsolar™ Solar Maxi Towers are a great solution for solar-powered, energy-efficient LED lighting to help your site strive to become carbon neutral.
Going solar eliminates electricity, trenching and cabling costs which can be significant on a remote site. The benefits of low-voltage solar systems also make them safer.
Using Earthsolar™ Solar Maxi Towers means your site can operate 24/7, with low maintenance, and easy-to-install lighting. Lights will switch on and off automatically and there is no time-consuming diesel refuelling required, no noise and absolutely no fumes or smoke.
Earthtrack’s signature solar towers are manufactured in Australia, carry the licensed Aussie Made logo and have ISO 9001 quality assurance.

Australian Made

Monocrystalline Solar Panel

IP67 - Dust & Water resistance

The Earthsolar™  have been supplying reliable area flood lighting mining and remote sites throughout Australia. They are proudly made in Australia and designed to withstand Australias harsh remote conditions.

With a compact base, up to 6 metre pole and direct beam they are perfect for along tracks and railway lines.

A great solar lighting solution for:

  • Mine sites (particularly around accommodation areas)
  • Temporary construction sites
  • Remote operations
  • Industrial applications
  • Interchanges
  • Depots