Solar Mini Tower G2 Pathway Light

The MINI Solar Tower G2 is the next generation in cable solar off grid area lighting. It gives you lighting where you need it – It’s easy, economical and perfect for  carparks or pedestrian areas and paths. Being  semi-portable option, you can move Solar Mini Towers around your site easily to where increased visibility is needed.


Australian Made

Monocrystalline Solar Panel

IP65 - Dust and Water Resistance

  • 7-10 night lighting, even through rainy or cloudy weather
  • All-in-one solar lighting – modern, streamlined design
  • Automatic dust sweeping function keeps panels working at optimal efficiency
  • Intelligent day/night sensors and lighting modes (100% 5 hr + 20% till dawn)
  • IP65 dust and waterproof
  • Robust aluminium alloy and polycarbonate materials