Solar Canopy Lights

Solar Canopy or Garage Lights are a great option for garages, carports, gardens, parking lots, farm sheds and stables providing reliable lighting, powered by the sun. Easy to install and low maintenance, this is a great option for night amenity and safety.

  • Large battery capacity backup - illumination for >24 hours
  • Charge time - 6 hours sunlight
  • MPPT remote control functionality and 72 lighting modes for auto on/off
  • Microwave motion sensor (optional)
  • Smooth lighting distribution - no dark spots or shadows
  • IP67 for water and dust protection
  • Easy to install and low maintenance - no trenching, cabling or electricity needed
Ideal for:

Garage | Roadhouse | Parking carport | Sheds | Horse stables & work areas | Storerooms