The Pleiades Series by Earthlight

The Pleiades Series by Earthlight

The Earthlight exterior architectural Series is based on the brightest, most conspicuous stars in the night sky – the Pleiades star cluster.

Offering a range of inground (angle adjustable and linear), water feature, landscape spot/flood, step, wall, and windowsill LED luminaires; this comprehensive range allows the creation of inspired lighting design for any outdoor lighting application. 

Patented, innovative designs; high quality drivers; and durable construction make this range ideal for standing up to the rigors of the Australian climate and open urban spaces.


  • Asymmetrical light distribution & internal louvre options – advanced optimized reflector & lens systems direct the light to exactly where you need it, minimizing glare while maintaining strong even light even over large areas;
  • Inground models offers a unique external angle adjustable LED Panel, allowing you to control light direction (+-25 degrees), while maintaining integrity of the fixture with high IP ratings;
  • This Series combines form and function with aesthetic and timeless features that will suit any architectural project design;
  • High quality CREE LED with DALI, DMX, & Phase Cut Dimming – application optimized, industry-leading components for performance, light quality, dimming capability and reliability;
  • RGBW RDM DMX or DALI control capability – for customizable, spectacular colour lighting displays;
  • High quality construction in aluminium, SS316 (marine grade stainless steel) and tempered glass;
  • ABS composite mounting sleeve is ideal for in-ground concrete installation;
  • Patented Innovation and reliability to ISO 9001 & SAA quality standards; and
  • Eco-friendly option – high IP ratings, excellent thermal management, long life luminaires, low current draw and low CO2 output.

Project planning

Optimum lighting configurations, as well as cost and energy savings, can only be achieved through professional project planning.  For example, a landscape or building might use light and shadow or colour to create dazzling effects, while a garden walkway will require more uniform, even illumination.  Lower output LEDs or fewer luminaires are needed if light is directed to where it is most needed, while ensuring glare & peak intensity is minimised to meet Australian Standards. 

The results will be well worth the effort, with reduced installation and maintenance costs, less emissions, greater safety and reliability.  The light quality you will achieve will add a professional edge to your project.

Earthtrack can provide professional lighting design recommendations to suit your lighting project.

For more information about The Pleiades Series for your next project, please contact the Earthtrack team.

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“Many a night I saw the Plaeiads, rising thro’ the mellow shade,

Glitter like a swarm of fireflies tangled in a silver braid.

– Alfred, Lord Tennyson, 1837-8

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