What type of ladder should I choose?

Make sure the platform size is comfortable and not too small, allowing both feet to comfortably fit and allowing some movement.

Consider the type of work to be performed too – if the task is repetitive and to be performed on a smooth surface, consider castors for your ladder. If the task is at multiple levels, consider having multiple platform ladders at differing heights pre-set up to minimise set up time when needed.

Safety has to be the priority

In a Work Safe Australia report, statistics show that over half of fatalities in the workplace resulting from a fall was from a height of 3m of less. Almost a third were from a height of two metres or less. This puts the humble step ladder in the spotlight as one in six fatalities was attributed to ladders (Worksafe Australia, 2013). Falls resulting in serious injury averaged 6.2 weeks off work, which is a serious productivity issue as well as contributing to higher insurance premiums.

As with any PPE, there are better quality options than others when it comes to protecting workers from injury and accidents, and you get what you pay for.

Consider the surfaces of the ladder. A platform that is non-slip, such as reinforced checker plate, and with non-slip grooved steps are recommended. Features such as grab rails, safety gates or hand rails are specified for hazardous sites.

Many falls from ladders occur with older employees, so consider ladders with grab rails at a minimum, handrails and safety gates will add additional piece-of-mind for all staff working at heights.

EarthAccess Folding Ladders

Earthtrack specialises in access solutions that meet industrial and mine site specifications, OH&S requirements and exceed Australian Standards, as we stand by every product we recommend.

The NEW EarthACCESS Industrial folding aluminium ladders are durable, safe and versatile for any site application.

Designed and built in Australia, this range of platform ladders are made from high grade 6060 T5 Aluminium. Fully welded steps inside and out eliminates twisting and distortion of the frame, even after years of use. This, in addition to the wider standard base, gives maximum stability and safety.

EarthAccess Folding Platform Ladders are available in 2 step up to 8 step to suit most applications. Platforms are full welded reinforced checker plate with non-slip steps.

Compatible handrails, safety gates and other accessories can be fitted to ensure optimum safety in hazardous conditions where mine site specification are paramount. The optional safety gate fully encloses the operator on the platform, and the ladder can still be folded with the gate attached. The platform is large enough to move comfortably even with the gate shut behind you. Optional handrails are yellow powder coated, as a bolt on accessory, to assist with ascending and descending the ladder. This option is in addition to existing grab rails which come standard with the product.

Optional castors are also available which make shifting and positioning the platform ladder easy.

Designed and constructed in accordance to AS/NZS 1892.1.1996 pt1. Welding complies with AS/NZS 1665:2004.

When not in use, the ladder simply folds away for easy storage, and when opened into position, the spreader bar automatically locks into position.

This product comes with a standard two (2) year warranty.

Please consider the relevant WHS manual when working in an Australian Workplace, to make sure you are compliant with relevant legislation for working at heights.

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