Which Lighting Tower is Right For Your Site?

Earthtrack Solar Lighting Tower in Carpark

Solar lighting towers can be a game-changing solution for a work site, and with no need of trenching or connection to the electrical grid it means you can get lighting where you need it no matter how remote.

Earthtrack has a wide range of lighting towers on offer, each providing emission free lighting and optimal efficiency. But choosing the best solar tower for your site can be difficult as there are many things to be considered – For instance, the primary use of an area, it’s size and location, if you need a custom tower for other powered elements such as security or traffic management requirements.

To help you select the right solar lighting towers for your site, please refer to the chart below:,

Earthtrack Group Mega2 Solar Tower
Earthtrack Elion Solar Tower
Earthtrack Group Maxi Solar Light Tower
Earthtrack Mini Solar Tower
  • Mega
  • Elion
  • Maxi
  • Mini
Best Large Area Mega Powerful Solution
Best Street Inground Option
Best Street Block Mounted Semi-Portable Option
Best Pathway Option
Models Available200 | 400 | 60050 | 90 | 50-TWIN90 | 14040
Pole Height6m6m4m | 6m4m
IP RatingIP67IP66 (Luminaire) | IP68 (Solar Panel)IP66 (Luminaire) | IP68 (Solar Panel)IP65 | IK10
Solar Panels2 | 4111 All-In-One
Vertical Light Adjustment
Horizontal Light Adjustment
Multiple Product Applications
Small Footprint Options Available
Suitable For Carparks
Suitable For Large Area
Suitable For Pathways
Can Be Customised For Individual Needs
Can Be Installed In-ground
Panels Separate to Lighting Fixture
Can Achieve All NZ/AUS Standards
Category D Certification Available

Do you need more help in your selection?

Every site is different and some can be more complex than others. Earthtrack have over 10 years experience in solar site lighting and offer free advice along with site light planning to help you get  the most optimal lighting available. We also design custom towers options for individual fit-for-purpose solar solutions.  

If you would like our team to help with your site lighting design click the button below to arrange a all back from one of our team.

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