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Worksite LED & Solar Lighting Solutions

Welcome to Earthtrack Group, a leading supplier of specialist LED and solar lighting solutions for mining, commercial, civil and industrial sites in Australia.

With an increasing demand for solar powered and LED lighting technology, Earthtrack provide solutions that are reliable, versatile and low maintenance.

Earthtrack have a wide range of products, from solar towers for off-grid spaces, through to LED lights ideal for industrial workshops, public areas and sporting venues. With the expertise of our in-house design team, we can help create the most efficient and economical lighting solutions for your site.

Why Earthtrack?

We are an Australian company that has been a supplier to mining sites since 2012 and are a part of the resource and civil sectors sustainable journey towards net zero, with our solar-powered, energy-efficient LED lights and technology now lighting up sites across the country. Earthtrack has become a supplier of choice with a reputation for solar lighting solutions that are reliable and require little ongoing maintenance. 

Our signature Mega, Maxi and Mini Solar Towers are built specifically for harsh Australian remote environments and manufactured in Australia with ISO 9001 quality assurance. They are a licensed Australian product and carry the Aussie Made logo.

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As the world looks to safer and more environmental solutions for industries, this puts a strong focus on solar lighting for sites as a way to reduce emissions while being safer to install with lower maintenance and running costs.

When lighting a site, using correct fit-for-purpose luminaires are important, with all environmental lighting sensitivities being adhered to. It is recommended that work sites have a periodical lighting review to ensure all lighting is working optimally and to required standards. 

Earthtrack offer a range of services to support businesses including reports providing details on ways to lessen a site’s lighting energy use while increasing site safety and security.

Onsite Evaluation

Lux Level Evaluation

Simulation & Design

Support Packages

Lighting Maintenance

Turn Key Solutions


Recently, we launched an addition to our remote range – The Elion Solar Street Light Tower. 

Elion can be installed in-ground or on a concrete block, with a pole-mounted secure control box and high powered lighting powered by long-lasting lithium batteries. 

This means your site can operate 24/7, with low maintenance, easy-to-install lighting. Lights will switch on and off automatically and there is no time-consuming diesel refuelling required, no noise and absolutely no fumes or smoke. The efficient lithium battery storage means you will have a few days of lighting even if there are a few days of bad weather or low sunlight.

The Elion is a safer alternative to current remote lighting, making it perfect for campsites, carparks, roads and pathways.


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