Portable Solar Light Towers

The new Dominator Lighting Tower range from Earthtrack is the latest innovation in solar, hybrid, diesel and 240V AC technology. Our powerful portable solar lighting solutions are designed to suit most mine site, construction project or special event requirements. No noise, no smoky emissions, 70% less diesel use, and reliable lighting make these mobile solar light towers the best pick for your project.

Earthtrack’s Portable Solar Light Towers

Our portable solar light towers are an energy and cost-efficient alternative to traditional diesel-powered lighting towers. Designed to be lightweight yet compact, they are easy to set up and move around, feature heavy-duty wheels for added convenience, and are built to withstand rough site conditions.

Explore Our Portable Solar Lighting Solutions

Want low maintenance, easy-to-install lighting onsite that you can rely on? Choose our portable solar light towers for an efficient and eco-friendly lighting solution. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help on 1300 410 485.