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Using solar powered architectural lighting improves safety and enhances the ambience of an area. By choosing a solar solution over conventional fittings, it can help reduce environmental impact and save on installation and maintenance costs.Earthtrack have a great range of architectural area, pathway and bollard lighting that will efficiently illuminate any landscape.
Looking for an energy-efficient street lighting solution? Earthtrack offers a range of innovative solar street lighting options, including vertical or all-in-one systems. They provide bright lighting for safety and visibility, ideal for parking areas, perimeter security, private roads, and more.
Increase area safety and security with solar-powered flood lights. No intensive wiring means a cheaper installation whilst still providing a high output solar lighting solution, even after cloudy or rainy days.
Solar canopy or garage lights are a terrific option for garages, carports, gardens, parking lots, farm sheds and stables providing reliable lighting. Easy to install and maintain, these solar powered lights are great for improving night amenity and safety.
Solar bollard lights are an eco-efficient public or commercial solar lighting option, ideal for open area lighting. These high-performing solar LED lights can illuminate parking areas, public squares and plazas, pathways, parks and more.
If you are needing any solar components for your Earthsolar lighting tower or another solar lighting project, Earthtrack has got you covered. From the latest technology in MPPT controllers to solar panels and AGM or lithium batteries.

From solar towers to area lights, Earthtrack lead the way in onsite solar lighting solutions.

Making the change to solar powered LED lights from traditional electrical or diesel-powered options makes both environmental and financial sense.

Browse our range of commercial and industrial solar lighting solutions below, or get in touch with our helpful team today to find out more.

Choose Earthtrack for Quality Solar LED Lighting in Australia

Quieter and free of fumes, solar LED lighting requires no trenching or cabling making it a more sustainable and affordable solution in times where labour and materials costs are sky rocketing. If you’re interested in making the change to solar powered LED lighting, get in touch with Earthtrack’s helpful team today on 1300 410 485.