Dominator S1000

The Earthsolar DOMINATOR Solar S1000 is the new age in portable fully solar lighting, made for harsh Australian conditions. Featuring a lightweight design, fully automatic deployment and operation, and the latest solar technology. Ideal for special events, construction, and mine sites where on-demand lighting is critical. Quiet operation, reliable bright lighting, and portable, the Dominator Solar S1000 features ultralight and powerful lithium storage.

  • Environmentally-friendly solar powered lighting tower
  • Powerful 78,810 Lumen output
  • 3 x 700watt Solar panels
  • Fully automatic deployment
  • Hydraulic Mast
  • Electric solar panel deployment
  • Electric stabiliser deployment
  • Modular LiFeP04 battery
  • No-noise and emission-free operation
  • Foldable A towing frame with direction wheel for turning trailer easily