Solar Street / Area Lights

Solar street lighting is an ideal energy-efficient solution, offering bright lighting for safety and visibility. Earthtrack offers a range of innovative options, including vertical or all-in-one systems, for design aesthetics and performance.

  • All-in-one and vertical options giving you options over the design aesthetic
  • Environmentally-friendly lighting option - entirely powered by the sun
  • Powerful, reliable lighting for improved safety and security
  • No maintenance required
  • Easy connection between solar panel and light
  • New microwave sensor so it only switches on when needed
  • Built-in solar controller and battery
  • Programmable with remote controller
  • Water and dust proof rating (IP66)
  • High quality Philips SMD LED Chips
  • Flexibility with pole heights - between 3-8 metres
Ideal for:

Courtyard | Garden | Park | Street | Pathway | Parking lot | Private road | Sidewalk | Public square | Plaza | Airfield | Farm & Ranch | Perimeter Security | Wildlife area | Highway