Big Miners focus on greener outcomes

Reducing emissions is topping the agenda of many of our biggest mining companies.

BHP last week announced in Australian Mining (July 24, 2019) the launch of a AUD$571.1 million climate investment program aimed at reducing emissions from its operations and those generated from the use of its resources.

While politicians are still arguing about the reality of climate change, BHP chief Andrew Mackenzie, is steadfast on the company’s view of climate change.

“The evidence is abundant; global warming is indisputable,’ Mackenzie said.

“It is the right thing to do, it makes good business sense, a concerted global effort is required, and the future depends on it,” he concluded.

The company is also investing in renewables with a recent $US6 million stake in a clean energy company, Carbon Engineering to deliver large-scale negative emissions by removing CO2 from the atmosphere.

The interest in renewables such as solar lighting has been trending upwards for suppliers like Earthtrack Group, particularly driven by larger miners such as Rio Tinto, BHP, FMG and Roy Hill. 

 “It is great to see the big mining companies set such a definite example that will flow on to all those in the supply chain and through to the individual at home.  In our industry alone, the pace of advancements in technology to only use the power you need, getting more out of very watt of electricity used and improving renewables such as solar and hybrid performance, is moving fast,” said Earthtrack CEO Barry Bloomfield

“Added to this, is the advantage of the long life of a LED light which means less landfill waste and no more use of lead or mercury, and it is a clear winner in regard to the environment.”

Earthtrack are releasing their new DOMINATOR Series solar and solar/hybrid trailers for powerful, mobile and greener lighting. 

The range of Earthlight and Earthsolar products all feature leading technology, materials and design to get the most out of every watt of electricity used and to increase the use of renewable energy sources for the good of the environment.

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