Exterminator Gen2 UFOs have now landed

Earthlight have announced their new Exterminator Gen2 option, which is their feature-rich premium option of the high bay range of LED products.

The new Exterminator offers very high efficacy at 190 lumen per watt of power used and a 200W model delivers a bright 38,000 lumens.  This means that while the result is brighter than even more powerful UFO high bays on the market, it is using less electricity, which translates to greater savings for your business.

The new design is ultra-modern, compact, with a weight of around 4kg, with high heat dissipation and weatherproofing (IP65).  This feature makes it suitable for extreme environments from minus 30 degrees Celcius to 50 degrees Celcius, even in dusty or moist areas.  With an Earthtrack warranty of 5 years, you have the guarantee of long-lasting performance and minimal maintenance. 

Beyond its physical attributes, the Gen2 offers intelligent features that set it apart from the standard high bay.  With a MOSO Driver, as well as options such as DALI dimming, Zigbee Control and even Microwave Motion Sensors so low-use areas can be lit on demand.

Lastly, the Gen2 is easy to install, with loop hanging, ceiling or wall mounting options.  It really is the UFO you will really want to have in your workshop.  

Product Specs and Features

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