DOMINATOR Series – revolutionary new design for quiet, low emission, low maintenance portable lighting

DOMINATOR Solar Hybrid Trailers

Reduce emissions and achieve a fast return on investment with this revolutionary new solar hybrid design.

The DOMINATOR Solar Hybrid trailer, available in single or double axle formats, is a game-changer for portable, reliable site lighting without the drawbacks of ordinary diesel-powered units.

Ultra-low fuel consumption and low noise diesel motors offers reliable, full-bright lighting all night long, with most of the energy for powering up batteries supplied by the sun.  Using compact Lithium battery technology, rapid charging enables the trailer to operate and maximum efficiency, while you can stay in control with GPS tracking and remote-control monitoring.

Solar Trailers

With brighter lumen output and superior design, this solar trailer outperforms other mobile solar lighting towers. 

Powered entirely by the sun, this low maintenance lighting option moves easily to where you need it, with the latest battery technology.

For site works, this portability to areas requiring lighting all night is a major advantage.  Being a low voltage solar unit, electrical safety hazards and maintenance is reduced and generator noise is eliminated.

The trailer is fitted with four 150W Earthlight heavy duty LED flood lights, which are lightweight and durable.  Adjustable solar panels and a rotating mast enables solar charging and lighting direction to be easily changed on site, in addition to the portability of the trailer.

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Proven Performance

Earthtrack have a proven track record in solar tower technology, as preferred suppliers to BHP, Rio Tinto and other major miners for our solar towers on concrete blocks (MEGA, MAXI and MINI). 

We have purchased several of the ETMS solar powered lighting stands. We have been very happy with the quality of the set ups and the prompt turnaround times on orders. It has saved us a considerable amount of money when we are setting temporary work/parking/pedestrian access areas. They are really good around our village as they are silent.
Maintenance Services Superintendent
BHP Nickel West Mt Keith, Northern Operations

The range of Earthlight and Earthsolar products all feature leading technology, materials and design to get the most out of every watt of electricity used and to increase the use of renewable energy sources for the good of the environment.

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