Calling electricians, equipment manufacturers and auto shops – LED reseller opportunities

Earthtrack are well-known for Earthlight and Earthsolar brands, and are now seeking resellers who are wanting to grow their business.

Demand is growing for heavy-duty, industrial LED Fixed, solar and mobile (equipment/vehicle) lighting across Australia.  With the move toward reducing carbon emissions, environmentally-friendly products and a switch to renewable energy, this is a market that is only going to increase.

Our extensive range of fit-for-purpose lighting is designed to last even in the most challenging environments (dust, water, impact, high vibration, heat, emergency, remote sites, etc).  

Why choose Earthtrack as your partner for LED, Solar LED and mobile LED products:

  • Wide range of modern designs to suit any landscape or building architecture
  • Proven performance in the harshest of conditions – heavy duty products
  • Industry-leading manufacturer warranties of up to 10 years
  • Leading technology to enable ‘smart’ controls and sensors as up-sell opportunities
  • Energy efficiency of LED, as well as use of renewables such as solar, helps your customers save money, go green and get a faster return on investment
  • No toxic materials used in the manufacture of our products
  • Ongoing digital marketing to support brand awareness and grow demand


Q: How will I benefit from selling Earthtrack products?

A: We offer special reseller pricing, providing you with a margin on products you buy from us and onsell to your customers. 

Q: I don’t have a large business, how will I be able to stock all the options my customers need?

A: We have selected stock items with multiple options.  For example, many of our products have a CCT switch, so you can select cool, neutral or warm light options on site, without having to stock each option.  We also have models that have plug ins such as motion-sensors, so you can upsell customers on the go.  Our friendly team can help you to select popular models to carry which will cover most of your customer needs on site.  If you prefer to buy on demand, we offer same-day turnaround of stock items.

Q: Will these heavy duty products be too expensive for my customers?

A: Earthtrack supply product to a wide range of industrial, commercial and residential customers.  The reason these customers keep coming back is the value-for-money pricing for high quality products.  When you compare the performance and quality of a cheap ‘consumer’ product available, discerning customers are happy to pay for a product that works reliably and is backed by industry-leading warranties. 

Q: Product returns or issues on site can be a real headache, how does this work with Earthtrack?

A: We keep customer records on our cloud-based system and make warranty replacements a simple process.  We keep stock on hand so if you need a replacement, we can organise same day.  Our sales team are knowledgeable and local, so we are there to help with any questions or to provide advice. 

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