Road Trippin’ Work & Play Road Test

On a miserable Perth morning Chenoa and sister Josie packed up the Nissan and hit the road on a sibling road trip to take in the sights (and warmth) of Mingenew, Dongara, Northampton and Kalbarri while putting some of our best Work & Play lights and light bars through their paces on this whirlwind 36 hour round trip up north. 

Heading out onto the open road the Nissan Patrol decked out with a fantastic Earthlight lighting kit.  The mix of lightbars, spotties and pod lights lit up the road ahead and made the 4WD brighter than the trucks they passed.

The constant rain slowly disappeared and by the time they reached Mingenew they were greeted by fog due to the previous evenings rains. Thanks to the 220W Sabre Curved Lightbar mounted to the top of the vehicle they were able to see clearly as the light was not reflecting of the mist. 

Carrying on the weather started clearing and by Geraldton it was blue skies ahead for the rest of the journey.

Staying in Kalbarri, the fun started with us trying to fit in as much as they could in the little time they had. Checking out the surrounding landscape, off roading, hiking and climbing gorges, while taking some awesome video and pics as they went. The end of the day back to town for pies and donuts (the last morsels left at the local bakery).

The last day in Kalbarri they were sad to leave but the journey back home gave them a chance to put the Work and Play Lights through their final paces. 

Coming back into Perth about 11pm they passed an all in one solar light tower, a great opportunity to give the Fireblade Maxx a good test! As she drove passed it Chenoa flicked the spotties on and being so bright they made the solar tower turn off (she did a few times just to double check)!

Such a memorable trip and fun in a “sun on your skin, in a hurry, puffed from climbing up and down tracks” kind of way. And the best thing was trying out some of the best vehicle lights on the market that never failed to satisfy.

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